Ukulele lessons in English

Currently, ukulele lessons are offered both "in person" and "online" at Toy's Music School in Shibuya. There are (a.) private lessons, (b.) group lessons, and (c.) workshops. For (a.) and (b.), you will be enrolled in Toy's Music School and take lessons on a regular basis, and you can also participate in presentations and various events. (c.) is a one-shot lesson. Please consider this option according to your own needs and environment. Also, please refer to (d.) "Yoko Ukulele Private Lesson" for one-off private lessons.


 a. Private Lesson (2 times/month, 4 times/month)

Private lessons are recommended for those who "want to learn one-on-one," "have a specific song you want to play," "want to take lessons online," or "want to take lessons at a remote location." Instruction is tailored to the level of the student, from beginner to advanced. For beginners and beginners, instruction is provided according to Toys Music School textbooks. For intermediate level and above, we mainly teach songs arranged by Yohko Matsuda, both playing ukulele and solo ukulele (instrumental), and also respond to requests as much as possible. If you are interested in playing Beatles and other pop songs on the ukulele, this is the place to be.

Online (ZOOM) lessons are available from remote locations (wi-fi environment recommended). Lesson time is negotiable.

【Fee (monthly) / tax not included)】

Toy's Music School admission fee: 5,000 yen (admission is generally at the beginning of the month)

 Individual : twice a month for 45 minutes / lesson: 10,000 yen (20,000 yen for 4 lessons per month) / Classroom maintenance fee: 400 yen


b. Group lesson (3 times/month)

Group lessons are recommended for those who want to enjoy playing the ukulele with friends, start casually, or enjoy the harmony of ukulele ensembles and songs. Classes are organized by level: introductory, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For introductory and beginner level classes, lessons will be taught according to Toys Music School textbooks, while intermediate and advanced levels will include songs arranged by Yohko Matsuda. Lessons are basically held in person at Toys Shibuya, but online (ZOOM) lessons are also available (please note, however, that online lessons are subject to sound delay, which may cause some inconvenience in group lessons).

Classes taught by Yoko Matsuda are available on Monday afternoon, Wednesday evening, and Friday evening at different levels (as of January 2021).

 Your level will be determined after you take a trial lesson at Toy's, as it will be based on Toy's Music School's standards. View Toys' Trial Lesson and Lesson Observation

【Fees (monthly / excluding tax)】

Toy's Music School admission fee: 5,000 yen (admission is, in principle, at the beginning of the month)

Three 60-minute lessons per month: 9,000 yen / Classroom maintenance fee: 400 yen *Only for the introductory class, one-on-one 30-minute lessons are available.


c. Workshop (held in January, April, July and October)

For those who want to learn how to play one solo ukulele (instrumental) song or want to take a one-shot lesson, we recommend "Yoko Matsuda's Solo Ukulele Workshop" held at Toys Music School about 4 times a year. Each time, you will be assigned a song to play and learn to play it in a 90-minute group lesson (if you can't play it, just review it!). You can join us either online or in person. You will receive a sheet of music with diagrams (TAB also supported) with easy-to-understand explanations of how to play the piece, and you will attend the workshop on the designated date and time. Archived videos and scores are also available for those who cannot attend in real time, for review, or for those who would like to attend past workshops.

Regularly scheduled every 3 months (January, April, July, mid-October) at Toy's Music School in Shibuya (online available).

【Fees (excluding tax)】

[Workshop: 90 minutes ] 4,000 yen (3,500 yen for Toys students) *Includes music score and archived videos.

For inquiries and applications for lessons 🌟a. b. c, please visit our website or Toys Music School.


d.YokoUkulele Private Lesson

If you want to learn how to play a song you saw on yokoukulele channel on YouTube, or if you have a song you want to play and you want to be able to play it in one to several lessons, or if you don't need regular lessons, we recommend "Yoko Ukulele Private Lesson". The lessons will be conducted online (ZOOM), and music sheets will be prepared and distributed. Dates, times, and fees are negotiable. Please contact us through our website Contact Form.